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TBone Invades The Voices of Dentistry

I recently attended (more like invaded) the Voices of Dentistry meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The VoD (for short) is an upstart dental meeting with a totally different vibe to it.  It is mainly focused around listeners of the various dental podcasts (like my very own T-Bone Speaks Dentistry PodCast) available today.

The majority of the speakers are the hosts of the podcasts, but there are outside speakers as well.  One of the greatest aspects of this meeting is how everyone seems to already know each other.  Honestly, it reminds me of the Townie Meeting (which I started back in 2003 with Dr. Sameer Puri for the DentalTown community).

Here’s a behind the scenes look at my day at the Voices of Dentistry.

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