Dr. Jason Lipscomb: Doing What It Takes To Survive - Dr. Tarun Agarwal
Behind The Scenes Dr Jason Lipscomb

Dr. Jason Lipscomb – Doing What It Takes To Survive

In this, behind the scene with T-Bone.  Dr. Jason Lipscomb a dentist based in Virginia, shared his inspirational story about how his experience driving Uber change his perspective.

The Risk

When Dr. Lipscomb became a practice owner, he spent nearly all his money starting and keeping the doors open.  Since he needed to continue to make ends meet, he decided to start driving Uber for a few months to earn some extra money.

Machismo effect

Men especially have the ‘machismo effect’. We don’t wanna talk about the things that will make us hurt our pride or show a sense of vulnerability. But for Dr. Jason Lipscomb he feels sharing his need to drive Uber with his team gave them a better understanding and perspective of the struggles and stress of running a small business.

“In dentistry sometime people aren’t willing to do the little extra stuff. Sometimes you gotta get bare bones and just do what you have to do. ”


Remove the machismo effect. Sometimes we need to do some extra stuff for us to survive and keep moving.


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