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Is Your Schedule Killing Your Practice Productivity?

A ‘full’ schedule is not a sign of a flourishing practice. It could actually be a sign of a disorganized practice. Are you tired of your schedule running you and you not running your schedule? Are you frustrated that you aren’t able to do more of the type of treatment that you desire? Do you […]

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A Restorative Material that Every Dentist Should Be Using

I don’t know about you, but changing and/or adding a new restorative material is not something that I take lightly. One material that has been important part of my arsenal is the cavity base/liner. In dental school I was introduced to Calcium Hydroxide. It was a powder liquid material that I used on deep restorations […]

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The Absolute Worst Position for A Dental Practice

It’s funny where and when thoughts come into your head. I was hiking into a crater of a volcano when I noticed the tree that you see above. There I was, in the bottom of this crater on top of 400 feet of hardened lava – and I thought of dentistry. This tree was pretty […]

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GP Skill Set – Are You Taking the Wrong CE?

There are very few things that I am dogmatic about.  Being a complete dentist is one of them.  Gone are the days where you can essentially be ‘just’ a restorative dentist.  Now, of course, some of us get away with that, but even for those the days are numbered. I want to share a patient […]

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