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Implant Restoration Emergence Idealization

Those who have heard me speak know my disdain for traditional healing abutments.  In fact, I have written on my blog several times about custom healing abutments.  This time I want to share an actual clinical example that illustrates exactly what I am talking about. The biggest restorative complaint from patients that I hear about […]

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An Important Problem to Watch for with Implant Restorations

The screw retained restoration is nothing new.  However, the modern screw retained restoration  has leveraged the economics and efficiency of CAD/CAM technology.  This has led to a proliferation of ‘low cost’ and/or inexperienced laboratories providing this service. When fundamental principles of implant restorations are ignored, it can lead to long term issues.  Two of these […]

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Take Your Implant Restorations To A Higher Level

Those who have followed me know that one of my passions is to take a clinical procedure and find a way to make it more efficient and produce better outcomes.  By now we should all know that CAD/CAM technology is drastically changing how we do dentistry.  Until recently this has mainly been limited to traditional […]

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Implant Dentistry in 2014 – See What You’re Missing

I distinctly remember my implant introduction in dental school.  It was a cluster of screws and parts and god knows what.  It was complicated.  It was patients getting draped from head to toe.  It was complex surgery to replace a tooth. No damn wonder I told myself I would never do that. In 2008 I […]

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Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) – Your Next Journey in Implant Dentistry

I always talk about implant dentistry being a journey. A journey that sees you go from simple to complex and add techniques along the way. It is unreasonable to expect a dentist to be able to fully grasp implant dentistry from the very beginning. My latest journey in implant dentistry is PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin). […]

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Chairside Implant Delivery – Restoration Forms the Tissue

Chairside implant restorations are a reality.  With this reality comes the ability to truly make things customized and gain control.  This also allows us to totally screw things up as well. In this post I wanted to share with you my techique for delivery of implant restorations.  Please note that this technique is designed for […]

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Discussion – Implant Positions Affect on Abutment Selection

It’s 2014 and I strongly advocate the use of in-office abutment fabrication.  However, the one size fits all approach is not always best.  This is an example of a limitation of in-office abutment fabrication. On the surface the implant provisional below looks well done.  Picture from immediate delivery. A closer look at this case will show […]

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