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Hi, I'm Dr. Tarun Agarwal!  I help dentists earn more money, take more time off, and do more of the dentistry they love by focusing on working smarter not harder.

I'm here to share how I went from being a stressed out practice owner to having a thriving dental business.




I attended your lecture "Implants in the CEREC Practice" at the CEREC 30 seminar in Las Vegas.

I was especially moved by your closing keynote in the Venetian ballroom on Saturday. I actually found you more inspiring than Tony Robbins and Emmitt Smith!

Dale Garber General Dentist

The Final Piece We Needed

Tarun, thanks for an inspiring weekend of learning. Will definitely being identifying our 'champion' and working out protocols. We have already started creating awareness. Your course was the final piece needed.

Jim Meletiou General Dentist

Tarun T-Bone Agarwall is my favorite teacher. I’ve been to many events with many well known speakers. Some are average and many are fantastic. Again Tarun is my favorite. He has a unique energy and ability to disrupt in a positive way and incite change. He has such a gift to inspire and encourage. He is sincere, entertaining, straight forward, funny, simplifies the complex, thought provoking, friendly, and is approachable. I’ve seen his lectures often and have been to several 3D Dentists courses in Raleigh. Some more than once because I wanted to bring friends and team members. I leave his courses and company with energy to be a better dentist and person. Thanks T-Bone

Eric Ballou

Great teacher! Connects with everyone! Motivates everyone!

Richard Sullivan

Such a great learning experience

You do an awesome job and I can't tell you enough how thankful I am that I signed up for the course. You made it such a great learning environment and our team can tell much you care that we learn and understand, but also enjoy ourselves.

Leandro Lira General Dentist

While melding his knowledge and expertise in the many aspects of dentistry, Dr. T-bone’s courses have the uncanny ability to not only teach but also challenge and inspire you to grow and develop both professionally and personally. Highly recommended to fellow dentists and team members alike!

Petar Tofovic

Need Tax Planning

As the next part of 3D Dentists, we need to have a tax planning course. After selling 1/2 my practice and collecting almost X.XX million at 50% overhead, I'm about to get hammered.

Thanks for all your help this year!

Richard Sullivan General Dentist

Great Not Only in Dentistry But Also in Life

If you remember, you sat with me for over two hours and discussed my future in dentistry. Well, I wanted to thank you for taking your time to talk. That made a huge impact on my life, as I reevaluated my goals and what I want out of this career.

You also mentioned that 'you are an average of the 5 people you hang out with'. I have found mentors who will accelerate my career and now surround myself with such people. Since I met you that day, the changes I have made helped me in becoming more confident as a clinician and I enjoy dentistry more each day.

Thanks again for your guidance, you helped me realize what it takes to be great not only in dentistry but also in life!

Shaharyar Fiza General Dentist

Thank you for two great lectures. You are very inspiring. I am getting the new SL cone beam unit and will start placing implants again using guided surgery.

You really inspired me! Thanks again.

Leonard Patella General Dentist