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You Should Be Doing This on Every Implant Impression

Once again I want to focus on idealizing the implant restoration.  This time I want to focus on the inter proximal contact.

During the integration period patients are typically without teeth (especially in the posterior region).  This leads to tooth drift of the adjacent teeth.  This tipping of the teeth presents a couple of different issues.

It can lead to difficulty of path of draw for seating the restoration.  More importantly it can lead to less than ideal inter proximal contacts that cause food trapping.  Ideal contacts are broad.  This is especially important for implant restorations.

Depending on the level of tipping it is sometimes necessary to use a fine diamond to upright the contacts.


One should always use a shaping disk to smooth and flatten the contacts.


Always strive for excellence and go the extra step to delivery ideal restorations.

Hope you enjoy!

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  • Sean Mooring says:

    How about during the design phase? I’ve had to adjust some contacts to get better crown proposals when designing the crown for implant planning purposes.

  • Frank Nelson DDS says:

    As usual, on top of the details that count, Tarun! Thanks for sharing!

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