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The Importance of Morning Walks

I personally find morning walks to be the absolute best way to start your day.  There is nothing like getting your blood flowing and mind working first thing in the morning.

I find this especially important when attending/hosting a MasterMind or attending/hosting a CE event.  I don’t want the first hour to be spent waking up and miss some of the best information.  Most speakers, myself included, provide some of our most relevent information first thing during the program.  So if you are still ‘waking up’ you will miss the message and it will make the rest of the day that much less impactful.

There is another goal I have for morning walks ‘with the guys’.  That is to break down the ‘macho’ barrier and get us to open up and talk to each other.  Unlike women, men typically have a hard time opening up and sharing their feelings.  Dentistry can be a lonely profession – so the more we become accustom to sharing, the better we become.

I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes video of a recent morning walk during one of my mastermind events – Developing Your Dental Speaking Career.

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