The Balancing Act Of Motivating & Teaching - A Day in the Life of T-Bone - T-Bone Speaks
The balancing act of motivating & teaching

The Balancing Act Of Motivating & Teaching – A Day in the Life of T-Bone

In this video, we see T-Bone interacting with his kids, talking to them while driving them to Chick-fil-A to get a takeout. He can’t help but dish out life advice while talking with his kids. He talks to his son Abhi, about his business, to which his son says, it has closed down.

He then jokingly chides his son as to how he knows what happened to the game which ended at 10:30 in the night when he supposedly went to bed at 9. T-Bone gets his takeout at Chick-fil-A and then drops off his kids at school.

He then has his bi-weekly humpday call with Dr.Elliot and is planning to go to Chicago. He then sees his wife, as they head to his dental hospital together. Once in the office, we see T-Bone meeting up with his staff, who are discussing the human resource planning for the near future. It is a light-hearted meeting, where his staff have the freedom of expression.

T-Bone has a flight at 4 PM, and because he didn’t inform anyone about it, he needs to work extra hard to get out of the hospital before time. We then see T-Bone talking about cases, going around greeting the staff and having to work on scheduling and appointments. He looks frustrated at having to deal with all of these things, but remarks that it is part of the fun of running a hospital and owning a business.

We then get a look at T-Bone in action, working on a patient, whilst talking about his assistant’s promotion. He then remarks that constant, constructive two-way feedback is crucial for development. He then takes feedback about his behaviour from his assistant and offers his opinions on her feedback.

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