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T-Bone Speaks – In Office Payment Plans on DentalHacks

This episode is a blast from the past.  Prior to having my own podcast I was interviewed on the DentalHacks to discuss in office payment plans.  Listen in closely as we discuss in office payment plans for the dental practice.

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  • Janice says:

    T bone,
    how to you adjust your payment plans if there are differences in the ‘financed’ amounts? ie: insurance downgrade, denial, change in tx plan?

    • T-Bone says:

      Janice… We are technically not “financing” since we don’t charge interest. We are setting up a payment plan

      If there is a discrepancy either positive or negative we do a one time credit/charge to the credit card manually and leave the payment plan recur alone

  • Janice says:

    Thanks T bone.
    Found your podcasts to be very good!

  • […] #2- They want to know how much.  I say, “It depends on the patient’s medical benefits, severity and what appliance is appropriate for them.  Our office does everything we can to minimize the patient’s out of pocket costs and is mostly dependent on deductible.”  Assure them that we minimize the patient’s out of pocket, they get it.  Physicians are driven by insurance and thus their patients are as well.  You can make it more affordable for patients by knowing medical insurance and having payment plans in your office. […]

  • Paul says:


    Do you measure your treatment acceptance rate before and after the in-house payment plan? Basically, how much increase in acceptance should I expect?


    • T-Bone says:

      i have not kept track of an increase in case acceptance. i would say to be safe expect nothing. but nothing is not the right answer.

      the best way is to do a trial. set aside $10k towards payment plans and see how it goes. if it doens’t meet your expectations then don’t do it anymore. that’s what i did when i started.

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