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Sirona3D Quick Tip – Multiple Teeth SSI

With the CEREC integration into Sirona 3D implant planning you bring in a single restoration at a time.  This means for a patient missing multiple teeth you typically would import multiple integration files.

This isn’t that big of a deal, but it can become annoying.  But there is a way around this in certain situations – instances where the missing teeth are consecutive.

What defines a restoration.  Essentially it’s what fits inside a block.  So if you plan as single crowns then each crown is a restoration.  If you plan as a bridge then each bridge is a restoration.

In this example, my patient is missing teeth #2, 3, 4.  We are looking to replace #3 and #4.


Instead of calling it crowns #3 and #4 in the software, we will call it bridge #3 and #4.


This will create a single restoraton that has #3 and #4 present and thus export/import a single SSI file.



Hope this helps!

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  • Joe Karlowsky says:

    That’s great! Exporting and importing multiple ssi files can becoming a time consuming(always worth the time) but this will definitely help many with efficient workflow! Thanks for the share!

    • T-Bone says:

      Joe… it’s our pleasure… if there is something else you have questions about please email me ( and i’ll do my best to make a video on that.

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