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Potluck come and meet the dental and mental squad

Potluck: Come and Meet The Dental and Mental Squad

When looking to create a better working environment I start out at the source.  Hiring amazing people and using the right tools and tactics I shape them into the right type of team players that work together to create a successful business.

One of the best ways to create a squad of team players that not only work together but can rely on each other beyond the working environment is to socialize.  From time to time I offer a gathering, a potluck meal where members of this amazing team can socialize in a positive but relaxed environment.

Food, entertainment and conversation invite comradery that works like a waterfall that will spill into the work environment.  This will create a bond that will allow their strengths as individuals and as whole group to shine and grow. This will encourage further teamwork and the ability to tackle problems.

From this comes creativity, inspiration, innovation and a drive to succeed and accomplish the goals of a business.  To drive each other further and harder as individuals and a team, to meet the needs of the business as well as it’s team players.

When you create a positive environment in which all the team players can succeed and thrive, success comes naturally.


About the Author Tarun Agarwal

Dr. Tarun Agarwal represents the next generation of leadership for the dental profession. As a respected speaker, author and opinion leader, he is changing the way general dentists and their teams practice.

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