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One week sales / sales process

One Week Plan/ Sales/ Process

One of the things that have made me more successful than most is that every time I go to learn something new or do something new, I have a One Week Plan. You too can have a more successful sales process by implementing an effective plan.

Making an effective plan is a critical part of making my practice a successful and profitable one. Not only can being focused on meeting a specific goal help motivate my employees, it can also help me (as the person in charge) to better focus myself as well as help me to better understand how I want to move forward. And, of course, meeting my sales goal is also key to making a profit.

The first part of creating an effective plan is to pick one large goal (such as selling ten products). I must then work backwards and account for all the factors that go onto accomplishing that goal (such as how much time I have to accomplish that goal, as well as estimating how many people I must have interested in my product in order to sell enough to meet my goal).

One of the most important parts of this process creating a realistic estimate of what it will take to sell enough to meet my goal.

A key part of this is generating awareness; in order to eventually get people to purchase what I am selling, I must first get them both aware of it and interested it. I must also operate on the understanding that of all those people, not all of them are going to eventually purchase and own my product.

For example, to sell ten products, I might need to first get at least two hundred fifty people aware of their need for the product; most of those people will lose interest or find alternatives, but by creating a realistic estimate and focusing on what is needed to get the remaining people to invest in what I am selling, I will be able to successfully meet my overarching goal.  

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