Obstacles to Empowering your Team


In this week behind the scene, I talked about the factors and training obstacles to empowering your team for practice growth.

Productivity in the Practice

Achieving a successful practice is about being able to tap all available resources.

As dentists have you ever tried stock with many patients waiting because you are doing almost all the things?

This is a reality, this could be remedied at all by a more efficient process.

Dental assistants are not just about preparing the patient for treatment or sterilizing instruments for the procedures. This dental assistant can also provide further support. They can also perform the simple procedure. If dentist will only train and trust them.

Dentists look for assurance almost all the time. They love to be in a situation wherein they can feel the security of being on it. If the risk is necessary, might as well give it to someone who is worthy of the trust.

My goal in this world is to show dentist that their dental assistant has the capability to do things even better. We just have to let them do so.

About the Author Tarun Agarwal

Dr. Tarun Agarwal represents the next generation of leadership for the dental profession. As a respected speaker, author and opinion leader, he is changing the way general dentists and their teams practice.

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