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New Team Member: Feedback and Mentoring

New Team Member: Feedback and Mentoring

Take It From A Practicing Dentist

Individuals, no matter where they came from, exhibit different strengths and weaknesses. This is the core reason why mentoring exists and so critical to dental practice success.

Mentoring isn’t done to make people feel less effective but rather to inspire them to achieve and do better.

I have learned from my experiences that team members typically value growth and mentoring more so than financial tokens of appreciation.  Difficult conversations seem to get easier when the feedback and mentoring comes from the heart.

Don’t Wait for Things to Happen

We all have a tendency to allow things to fester.  It leads to a very unhappy work environment and can completely stifle the practice growth and affect other team members.

This is why I believe in regular conversations.  I believe that these conversations should be the responsibility of the individual team member.   For example, I ask new hires to sit with me at least 2-3 times per week during their first 90 days.  If a team member doesn’t have the initiative or the personal strength to do this – it’s a clear sign that this may not be the ideal fit for me.

Without question, my best team members – ones who are committed to personal growth and being a team player for the practice and patients – are ones who regularly sit down with me and review our performance.  YES – that means it is not a one-sided conversation.


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