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Mistakes with Associates

Mistakes with Associates, Favorite Employees, Block Schedule, No More Humans

No More Humans

What mistakes are you making in your practice? When hiring associates to work part-time and help your practice, you need to avoid making the mistakes that T-Bone has made. In his practice one of his biggest mistakes was hiring associates who he didn’t work with. He had a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday schedule, and his associate had a Thursday and Friday schedule. That caused a problem where his associate and he never worked together. They didn’t know each other well enough. Another mistake T-Bone made was when it came to hiring associates who believed in doing different procedures than he himself did. This caused disagreements where his associates wanted to try procedures that he didn’t want done.

To make things clear, no matter the difficulties they may pose, hiring associates is what allows your practice to flourish and you to learn as much as you can. Spending your days doing filling after filling isn’t the most productive way for you to learn new techniques. Instead, if you can afford it, focus on block scheduling. What do you want to see in your ideal day? Try and schedule that. Build an office that can handle this scheduling. Hire people who you enjoy, and who can work together in their best ways. For T-bone, his absolute limit is ten people in the office. But find your limit, work with it, and enjoy that.akes

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