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Life is Bigger Than Just the Number

Life is Bigger Than Just The Number

I believe in making a business personal, to be open-minded to the needs, wants, drive and goals of the team players around me.  To see their uniqueness and creativity as individuals and a whole and shine the light on that. By being open-minded to what drives the team players and then embracing those things creates a more aggressive and driven team player who turns that drive into the business.

In business, if you understand and value the people around you, those team players that make your business I believe they, in turn, strive harder for the success and growth of the business.  Without these team players, the business would be nothing. When we forget that it puts a business on the shaky ground. If I can’t go to bat for the team player beside me, showing concern for their problems, needs and wants, they won’t go to bat for me.

I know that making a business succeed is the goal.  Increasing the numbers and striving for success, but without by not striving for the team players and their success breaks down the foundation of the team allowing the business to potentially crumble.  The success of any business depends on its foundation and that lies in each team player.


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Dr. Tarun Agarwal represents the next generation of leadership for the dental profession. As a respected speaker, author and opinion leader, he is changing the way general dentists and their teams practice.

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