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challenges in referral based dentistry

Challenges of Referral Based Dentistry

There are certain challenges that come with referral based dentistry, particularly when it involves complex dental cases. Referral based dentistry is when the patients refer themselves or their family members for specific dental services.

If somebody else’s patient comes here when I am not here everyday, the main challenge is the communication involved. It’s vital that I have the right information relayed and to always stay on track with the patient’s case.

What I do is take the necessary steps back. I see to it that I spend enough time to sit down with the patient and discuss important information such as previous treatment approach and develop the right game plan to cater to the patient’s needs. This is crucial because sometimes the right thing to do may not coincide with the previously set treatment plan. This boils down to the differences in skill sets and communication sets practiced by each dental professional. Taking steps back where complex cases are involved and recognizing that the patients have choices is paramount for referral based dentistry.

So, I would say that the key to a successful referral relationship lies in good communication and proper patient preparation through providing them the right information and offering them viable dental treatment choices.

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