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A Simple Trick You’re Likely Not Using to Make Anterior Restorations More Predictable

The hardest thing in dentistry is the anterior porcelain restoration.  There are literally so many things you have to get right. shade value characterization length surface texture contour and so much more So how can we make some of these things easier?  To me the answer is always technology. Here’s a great example of how […]

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The Challenge of the Lower Anterior Implant Bridge

I’ve been very fortunate to have tackled quite a few complex implant cases.  For me, the hardest of these is the patient missing the lower anterior incisors.  This situation presents some unique challenges. Combination Defect.  Those who have lost their lower anterior teeth typically have periodontal disease.  So they have both hard tissue (bone loss) […]

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Why Not Being Able to do Orthodontics Can Cost Your Practice

Do you hate orthodontics?  Did you not get enough (or any) training on ortho in dental school?   That was exactly my situation. Early in my career, my idea of orthodontics was ‘instant orthodontics’ utilizing porcelain veneers.  But then Len showed up to my practice. I know looking at him that ‘instant orthodontics’ wasn’t the […]

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Conservative Smile Enhancement

About a decade ago cosmetic treatment meant 8-10 veneers for a patient. For me personally there has been a conscious push towards more conservative treatment. My philosophy is how little work can I do to achieve the patient goal. Chucks’ case is a great example of this. Chuck has been a patient of ours for […]

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High Aesthetic Anteriors Made Easier

Probably the most difficult restoration in dentistry is the single anterior restoration. This is compounded when dealing with a ‘particular’ patient – one that wants excellence. Personally I don’t fault people for wanting something that ‘melts’ into their mouth and disappears. However, what I do believe is that these patients should expect to pay more […]

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Smile Design Shaping Results

There is an art to smile design.  Simply hoping to satisfy the needs of the patient isn’t always enough – patients aren’t trained to recognize what is possible.  The following case is an example of utilizing smile design principles and photography to achieve results. **  I recognize that ideally this case could (and should) be […]

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