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challenges in referral based dentistry

Challenges of Referral Based Dentistry

 There are certain challenges that come with referral based dentistry, particularly when it involves complex dental cases. Referral based dentistry is when the patients refer themselves or their family members for specific dental services. If somebody else’s patient comes here when I am not here everyday, the main challenge is the communication involved. It’s […]

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Implants Your Patients are Begging You to Do

Implants Your Patients are Begging You to Do

 Ergonomic Dental Office Design – Using Technology to Enhance Patient Experience I have visited a lot of dental offices and I would say most of them look quite similar from place to place. It’s not that it’s a bad thing but I believe that investing in ergonomic and high-end dental office design is quintessential […]

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T-bone and will discuss remodelling

T-Bone and Will Discuss Ideas for Remodelling while in Seattle

 Every business must strive to deliver the best possible customer experience, and that’s especially true for dentists. A good dental office design essentially reflects the competence of the dentist and their dentistry services delivery approach as a whole. I strongly believe that patients deserve a sterile and high-end dentistry office where they can feel […]

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The balancing act of motivating & teaching

The Balancing Act Of Motivating & Teaching – A Day in the Life of T-Bone

In this video, we see T-Bone interacting with his kids, talking to them while driving them to Chick-fil-A to get a takeout. He can’t help but dish out life advice while talking with his kids. He talks to his son Abhi, about his business, to which his son says, it has closed down. He then […]

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The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve of Business: Advice for Success

 In order to be successful, it’s important to do something different to set my business apart from all the others; if I can’t make my services and products stand out in the crowd, I won’t be able to attract customers and make a profit. It’s also important to understand how important it is for […]

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One week sales / sales process

One Week Plan/ Sales/ Process

 One of the things that have made me more successful than most is that every time I go to learn something new or do something new, I have a One Week Plan. You too can have a more successful sales process by implementing an effective plan. Making an effective plan is a critical part […]

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Complex Cases – Treatment Planning Session

 With all types of businesses, there is always a learning curve when it comes to being successful and making a profit. For me, it was important to learn that in order for my business to be successful, I must strive to make my company stand apart from the other businesses in your area. It […]

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mistakes of hiring associates

Mistakes of Hiring Associates

 Have you made mistakes in hiring your associates? T-Bone shares his mistakes and experiences in this candid conversation with The Dental Guys from the Voices of Dentistry meeting. Find out on this video to know more.

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Mistakes with Associates

Mistakes with Associates, Favorite Employees, Block Schedule, No More Humans

No More Humans What mistakes are you making in your practice? When hiring associates to work part-time and help your practice, you need to avoid making the mistakes that T-Bone has made. In his practice one of his biggest mistakes was hiring associates who he didn’t work with. He had a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday schedule, […]

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Candid interview with coordinator

Candid Interview with Coordinator

Treatment Coordinator Is there such a thing as too many treatment options? For T-Bone and his treatment coordinator, the answer is yes. Giving a patient too many options can be the one thing that shoots their treatment plan in the foot. Keep things simple and clear cut. Give them a low, middle, and high options. […]

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