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#AskT-Bone – 5 Must attend CE courses

Hello and welcome to another episode of ask T-Bone. Today we have a great question, and quite honestly, they all great questions, but we have a question that I can’t answer exactly, but it’s an important one that I want to kind of give my thoughts on. And the question was submitted was: What are […]

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#AskT-Bone – Sleep Apnea, Medical Billing, and CBCT

Hello and welcome back for another episode of ask T-Bone.   Today we’ve been submitted a question, and I would like to read the question as it was submitted.   Dr. Agarwal, a big fan of the podcast -thank you very much, means the world to me that you enjoy the podcast- looking at attending […]

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#AskT-Bone – Edentulous Implant, CEREC Guide, and Which CBCT

Hello and welcome to another episode of Ask T-Bone.   Today I would like to begin by apologizing if he here Harry Potter in the background. My 10 years old son is watching Harry Potter and I cannot get him to turn the volume down. So we shall hopefully be able to work this out, […]

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#AskT-Bone – Differentiation

Full Episode: Hello and welcome back to another edition of ask T-Bone. Today I’ve sent a good question that I would love to spend a few minutes talking about. And the question was: How do Dentist/Dental practices distinguish themselves from other established practices in the area? And honestly, this is a great question. This is […]

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#AskT-Bone – Med Bill CBCT

Full Episode: Hello and thank you for tuning in. Today we’re going to do another episode of T-Bone speaks, and the Ask T-bone segment. Today we have a wonderful question submitted it’s a very common question that I hear, and I am I’d like to go ahead and get into that. I’m A Gentle Dentist […]

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#AskT-Bone – Flat Fee Implants

Hello and thank you for tuning in again, this is another episode of T-Bone speaks and I am T-Bone Dr. Tarun Agarwal and I’m coming to you from Raleigh North Carolina and, you know, I wanted to introduce a new part of the podcast today. It will be a segment called ask T-Bone. One of […]

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#AskT-Bone – Dealing with Failures in Case Presentations

Failures are part of life. As practitioners we have to start to admit them and talk about them openly with our patients. On this #AskT-Bone section of T-Bone Speaks PodCast, we talk about how we can overcome our failures and build confidence with our patients. Listen to the Full Episode: Full Episode Transcript: Welcome to T-Bone […]

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