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Something Different–Multiple Foramen on Inferior Alveolar Nerve

Well, today I saw something for the very first time.  I saw multiple exits on the Inferior Alveolar Nerve. Here’s a quick video showing it.  Hope you enjoy!

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Implant Dentistry in 2014 – See What You’re Missing

I distinctly remember my implant introduction in dental school.  It was a cluster of screws and parts and god knows what.  It was complicated.  It was patients getting draped from head to toe.  It was complex surgery to replace a tooth. No damn wonder I told myself I would never do that. In 2008 I […]

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Extraction, Internal Sinus Lift, Immediate Implant, and Final Restoration – Without Ever Taking An Impression

Let’s walk through a case from start to finish.  I’ll put more emphasis on the surgical phase and just outline the restorative phase. Tammy is like many of our patients.  She is fearful of dentists and only visits when things are hurting.  Tammy came to our office for limited exam (emergency visit) to evaluate her […]

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OptiGuide Order Confirmation

Digital is great!  However, there are times when digital can leave you a bit confused.  There have been a few times where I thought I have ordered my OptiGuide to only find out several days later that the upload never went through. In this post I would like to outline the steps to ensure your […]

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A Pet Peeve – Idealizing CEREC Virtual Waxup for Implant Planning

I wanted to go over a pet peeve of mine.  It is about our virtual wax ups with CEREC for implant planning.  Too often this is done carelessly.  While most of the time it won’t make a difference, slight differences can be important.  This becomes especially important when doing multiple teeth. Let me share an […]

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