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Candid interview with coordinator

Candid Interview with Coordinator

Treatment Coordinator

Is there such a thing as too many treatment options? For T-Bone and his treatment coordinator, the answer is yes. Giving a patient too many options can be the one thing that shoots their treatment plan in the foot. Keep things simple and clear cut. Give them a low, middle, and high options. Two to three choices in the best way to help your patients decide what they need. At the end of the session, recap. Tell them what you’ve told them, and the steps you’re all going to take to meet these goals.

What does T-bone do consistently that drives his staff crazy? He cares too much. He promises his patients things that are difficult for him to do. They’re not outside of his skill level, but instead they’re outside of his schedule ability. T-Bone does his best to help every single patient, but when you work three days a week it becomes a struggle to help every patient you want to.

Meghan tells T-Bone, “So what are you going to do? Come in on your days off?” This is a problem for T-Bone and a problem for dentists around the country to resolve for themselves. What are you going to do? How far are you willing to go to help your patients?

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