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Building Around Todays Dentist

Building Around Todays Dentist

With today’s technology of amalgams, bridges, crowns and various types of implants patients come into the dentist to fix multiple problems.  I believe striving to adapt quick enough to meet and embrace the market needs is key to the success of any business.  To succeed I strive to find the tools required to help everyone value and demand a product.  The way to do that is to look at the dental practice and model your product around it and the patient.  Like the changing tempo of a dance, figuring out what the market wants and adapting to that quickly and smoothly will bring widespread success.  By following the lead of the market also create a bond of trust where you see the need and meet it head-on.

In building a business I look to model it around today’s dentist, not the dentist of the past.  I strive to meet the needs of today’s dentists who might find themselves having a patient who sits in their chair for a lengthy amount of time.  This patient might receive various types of work on numerous teeth.  Gone are the days of doing a filling and sending the patient home.  Offering what the modern market wants, later after trust has been established turns into anticipating its needs before they arise.

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Dr. Tarun Agarwal represents the next generation of leadership for the dental profession. As a respected speaker, author and opinion leader, he is changing the way general dentists and their teams practice.

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