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Screw Retained – Anytime & All The Time!

I’m always talking about technology and how implant dentistry has gone digital.  This time I am going to take us back in time to an original technique – the screw retained implant restoration.  With the precision of CAD/CAM and material advancements, the screw retained restoration is making a major comeback. In my eyes there is […]

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Who Says CEREC Doesn’t Fit?

I love my CEREC!  And nothing irritates me more than when a fellow clinician makes the assumption that CEREC is substandard dentistry when it comes to marginal integrity. I actually argue that CEREC gives you the ability to produce the absolute best margins. You are able to control and evaluate your impression immediately. You are […]

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Another Amazing Power of 3D Imaging Example

Many of you know that I am a major proponent and champion of 3D imaging in the general dentist practice.  My original driving factor was purely dental implants.  But more and more I am finding the most valuable use of 3D imaging is diagnosis and patient communication. I’d like to share a patient that was […]

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Building Your Implant Practice – Lateral Grafting and Orthodontic TADs

Our practice has managed to grow from basically zero implants to more than many surgeons in our area.  How have we done this?  The answer is pretty simple – I have travelled an implant journey. What do I mean by this?  Basically in the beginning I chose only ‘slam dunk’ cases.  Then I moved to […]

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Excuse My Venting – Dealing With Restorative-Surgeon Implant Error

Please excuse my rant and don’t misunderstand my intention.  Also, I am not saying that this is ALL relationships, but this is reflective of quite a few relationships between general dentists and specialists. My intention here is not to throw any specific person, specialty profession, etc under the bus.  It is to draw attention to […]

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A Critical Factor in Surgical Guide Accuracy

Guided implant surgery is only as accurate as the surgical guide.  Unfortunately, not all surgical guides are created equal. I wanted to share a quick example of the precision and painstaking care that goes into the Sirona/SiCAT surgical guide. An OptiGuide is a digital surgical guide that is milled from combination of CEREC tooth data […]

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You Should Be Doing This on Every Implant Impression

Once again I want to focus on idealizing the implant restoration.  This time I want to focus on the inter proximal contact. During the integration period patients are typically without teeth (especially in the posterior region).  This leads to tooth drift of the adjacent teeth.  This tipping of the teeth presents a couple of different […]

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Preparation Blockout – Conservatism and Pulp Protection

One of the challenges with onlay preparations is dealing with undercuts.  Our choices are to either prep away the undercut, leave the undercut and allow the lab or CEREC to block it out, or to manually block out the undercut at time of preparation. Early in my career I chose the path of letting the […]

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Implant Restoration Emergence Idealization

Those who have heard me speak know my disdain for traditional healing abutments.  In fact, I have written on my blog several times about custom healing abutments.  This time I want to share an actual clinical example that illustrates exactly what I am talking about. The biggest restorative complaint from patients that I hear about […]

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CEREC Efficiency Tip

One of the greatest advantages of CEREC is the level of efficiency it creates.  This efficiency can be tested in certain clinical situations.  A specific example of this is the adjacent inter proximal resin restoration. Do you do the crown first and then complete the resins?  Do you do the resins first and then the […]

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