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Your Digital Implant Impression Options

A common question I often receive revolves around digital implant impressions.  In this post I want to dissect the digital implant impression process. The Digital Impression This part is pretty straight forward.  Just like any impression (digital or analog) you need to capture the treatment area, opposing area, and a bite.  Typically in the analog […]

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Why I Love Digital Implant Restorative Workflow

There are three main reasons why I absolutely love the digital workflow.  First and foremost is the patient experience, secondly is the clinical outcomes, and finally is the economic benefits.  Many quickly dismiss CEREC as they believe it is only for chairside uses.  I firmly believe that CEREC Connect is one of the most underutilized […]

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Thriving Dentist Show Interview – Dentistry Can Be Everything You Want It To Be

Gary Takacs invited me to be interviewed for his podcast – The Thriving Dentist Show.  It’s a great interview about all things dentistry!

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Don’t Give ‘Them’ Ammunition

Turf wars have been going on in the world since the very beginning.  In recent years they have really become heated in dentistry – especially when it comes to dental implants.  Dental implants have long been considered a ‘specialist’ procedure.  With the advent of technology, availability of advanced training, and increasing business pressures to keep […]

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Implant Emergence Contours – It Matters

An area often overlooked when it comes to implant restorations is the sub gingival emergence contour.  This case illustrates quite nicely why and how this matters. As you can see the original restoration looks nice (the crown portion) but has what i would call poor emergence contours.  Specifically, here are the concerns I have… Hygiene. […]

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From Consult to Surgical Guide In A Single Visit – The Best Guided Implant Workflow In The World!

The #1 question I get from fellow dentists who are exploring 3D CBCT for their practices is “Why did you choose the Sirona system?”  My answer is always the same – WORKFLOW.  The workflow simply puts all other systems to shame, in my opinion.  The best way to illustrate this is through case example. Shirley […]

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