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Dental Implants preparation and procedure

Let’s Get Clinical: Dental Implants Preparation and Procedure

Dental Implants Preparation and Procedure All right, I want to take a chance to walk everybody through a setup. Today, I’m going to show you Dental Implants Preparation and procedure here at Raleigh Dental Arts. We’re going to be placing three implants on our patient today, in sites number four, five, and six. Our patient […]

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Dental Office Design

Dental Office Design Inspiration in Seattle

Dental office design is very important in dental practice. Every dentist wants to attain the highest performance possible from a dental practice. After ensuring you have the best facilities and equipment, you still need to improve the working environment. It is for this reason that I travelled 3500 miles around Seattle to learn from 4 […]

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Potluck come and meet the dental and mental squad

Potluck: Come and Meet The Dental and Mental Squad

When looking to create a better working environment I start out at the source.  Hiring amazing people and using the right tools and tactics I shape them into the right type of team players that work together to create a successful business. One of the best ways to create a squad of team players that […]

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Life is Bigger Than Just the Number

Life is Bigger Than Just The Number

I believe in making a business personal, to be open-minded to the needs, wants, drive and goals of the team players around me.  To see their uniqueness and creativity as individuals and a whole and shine the light on that. By being open-minded to what drives the team players and then embracing those things creates […]

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 Trip to Seattle and spent a day looking at different dental practices, design, and equipment I recently went on a trip to Seattle and spent a day looking at different dental practices, design, and equipment. I also got to visit A-dec to personally experience their culture and take a look at their manufacturing process. […]

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Building Around Todays Dentist

Building Around Todays Dentist

 With today’s technology of amalgams, bridges, crowns and various types of implants patients come into the dentist to fix multiple problems.  I believe striving to adapt quick enough to meet and embrace the market needs is key to the success of any business.  To succeed I strive to find the tools required to help […]

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challenges in referral based dentistry

Challenges of Referral Based Dentistry

 There are certain challenges that come with referral based dentistry, particularly when it involves complex dental cases. Referral based dentistry is when the patients refer themselves or their family members for specific dental services. If somebody else’s patient comes here when I am not here everyday, the main challenge is the communication involved. It’s […]

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